Fiona Hepburn

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Fiona Hepburn was educated at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, and the Royal College of Art in London, where she studied printmaking. Her work has appeared in a large number of exhibitions in Scotland and in London; she has been awarded a number of prizes for her work, and she is our featured artist this month.

Her beautiful prints  find inspiration from her Scottish heritage and natural history. She makes work in response to found organic objects, and is fascinated by the architecture of the objects she collects. Her images are studies of found material, deconstructing and magnifying surfaces and interpreting formations and cyclical workings. Objects are enlarged, dissected and broken down – growing and metamorphosing into something else. Her drawings become an obsessive reproduction of a single shape. Drawing repetitive forms and the cyclical workings of madrepoic formations, create the illusion of ruined cities and geology.

As a printmaker she is interested in the construction and reconstruction of prints, layering colours and images upon each other. With the ability to ‘reproduce’ through print, she takes on nature’s obsessive role of reproducing thousands of tiny spores or holes, growing like mould. Her prints become physical objects that evoke the feeling of growth and a strong sensory experience of fragility and tactility, provoking a desire to touch. The labour intensive, irreversible and destructive process is an integral part of her practice, and mimics the precarious, fragile state of the natural world.

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