Elizabeth Gossling

  • The Finish Line from Colossa
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Gossling’s work is built on a fascination of modern media, and the replicated image. Gossling’s processes relates to her interest in the technological language that constructs the image and the influence this has on interpretation. Central to her current practice lies the act of scanning images from digital surfaces. This is considered a form of raking and ransacking.
Final works are often activated by a material translation of away from the original media from which the image was extracted. The hand held scanner glides over the computer screen. Images that have been ‘photographically skimmed’ from the surfaces of TV’s and computer screens are then scratched and scraped into the surfaces printing plates through the corrosive action of acid in their development as photo etchings.
Other of Gossling’s works are fictional extensions of her research on recent technological histories and media characters such as John Cura – represented in ‘What’s My Line, Mystery Challenger’ as analogue, photographic, patchwork puppet.
Elizabeth Gossling completed her MA in Fine Art Printmaking at the RCA in 2012 and was the recipient of londonprintstudio’s new graduate award 2012.
She currently lives and work in London.

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