Catriona Leahy

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  • Unrelenting

The practice of Irish artist Catriona Leahy is rooted in printmaking but is somewhat emblematic of how the discipline and rigor of the medium can transfer across and inform how she explores the qualities of different material in her work.

Her work examines time, duration & memory, giving these inherently ambiguous, intangible and subjective phenomena a material and spatial context. Sites left in a state of abandonment or ruins often form a starting point; these sites, always in a state of flux, hovering between temporal zones, hold an eerie and compelling fascination for Catriona.  A palimpsest that speaks to us of temporality, these sites force us to humbly recognize that we are in fact the fragile ones, and that before us stands the element of permanence, the element of endurance.  Utilising the disparate material of paper, concrete and projected imagery Catriona sets up multi-dimensional interpretations of time and memory as tactile concepts. As the viewer navigates the work through space, they too become acutely aware of the passage of time and their involvement in activating its content.

Catriona is currently studying for an MA Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London. Recent exhibitions include a solo show for the 6th Munsterland Art Festival in Germany, 2011, I took the lift to the sixth floor at Café Gallery, Bermondsey and RCA Work In Progress 2012 for which she received the 20/21 British Art Fair award.

Other awards include Arts Council of Ireland Travel & Training award 2009 & 2011 and the Culture Ireland award 2011. This summer Catriona will attend a residency in Moscow hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow and Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.


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