Carol Wyss

  • 2CarolWys_ButterflyBush_etching_116x79cm_2011
  • 1CarolWyss_Bluebell_etching_116x80cm_2012
  • 3CarolWyss_Flowers_ installation
  • 5CarolWyss_Signs_Installation&etching_variousdimensions_2004

Carol’s work is a concerted search for the structure of things. She investigates the dynamics of organisms and how life, situations and objects undergo constant flux in a rhythm of chaos and order. Change can give shape to things and leave traces such as patterns and structures, a kind of record of the past and a potential for the future.

Taking recognized, existing structures apart which then transforms them into new and at times unfamiliar objects. Finding an order, generating chaos, discovering and creating another order.

The dismantling and opposing of existing structures creates new formations. These formations are the basis of a visual interaction with 2- and 3-dimensional processes, such as drawing, etching, screen-printing, installation, photography, object making and film.

Currently Carol is working with the human body. She is using the skeleton as a basic structure, in order to investigate the relationship of human structures to their surroundings. Abstraction is part of the process – not trying to hide the origins, rather broadening the possibilities for interpretation. What you see at first glance is not necessarily what it is. Her ongoing ‘Flower’ series consists of large etchings, images of wild flowers and weeds that turn out to be made up of human bones.

Born in Switzerland, lives and works in London and Liechtenstein
Studied art in London and completed 1998 with a MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art (University College London)
Has been exhibited in England, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Recent shows include BITE 2011/2012 and Ludlow Open 2012.  Winner of the John Ruskin Prize 2012: A New Look At Nature.


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